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The New Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment* strengthens and nourishes strands from the roots helping you control hair fall. It contains Trichozole active with Ginseng and Soy Protein that reduce damage at the roots and help lock your hair firmly in place - so you have the freedom from hair fall in just 2 weeks. Use Dove and see the difference.

Directions to use the New Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment: 

1. Wash hair as usual and towel dry.
2. Break open flat nozzle cap and apply lotion directly on clean scalp.
3. Make series of partings and apply lotion evenly to the scalp.
4. Massage lotion for 2-3 minutes to let it penetrate into the roots of your hair.
5. Use entire content of one vial at each application and leave it until next wash. Style as usual. (Must be left on for atleast 8 hours).
6. For best results, apply on clean scalp soon after towel dry & use every two days.  

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A hair fall secret you will have to share...

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